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Hygie's Serenade - Bio Ginger

Hygie's Serenade - Bio Ginger

100 Grams
VAT Included |

Inspired by Hygie, the Greek goddess of health and hygiene, this blend celebrates the natural benefits of plants. Apple and rosehip evoke lush orchards, while fennel and ginger bring spicy warmth. Each sip is a tribute to purity and health, just as Hygie cared for the well-being of mortals.

Ingredients: apple pieces *, rosehip peel *, fennel *, lemongrass *, lemon balm *, sage *, ginger *, pumpkin *
* Ingredients from organic farming


Nutritional information
Calorific value [kJ]: 7 / [kcal]: 2; Fat [g]: <0.1 ; saturated fatty acids [g]: <0.1 ; Carbohydrates [g]: 0.3 ; of which sugars [g]: 0.3 ; Protein [g]: <0.1 ; Salt [g]: <0.1
Average nutritional values based on 100 ml of infusion

  • When to drink?

    Ideal for creating a sense of balance and tranquility. Enjoy it after a meditation or yoga session to center yourself, or start your day with it for a harmonious beginning.

  • General information

    Country of origin: Various
    Dosage form: Loose tea in aroma bag
    Caffeine: not Caffeinated
    Sweetening: No
    Flavour: Natural
    Gluten: Gluten-free
    Lactose: Lactose-free
    Production: Conventional
    Tea variety: Infusion

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