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Gardens of Acropolis

Gardens of Acropolis

100 Grams
VAT Included |

Stroll through the Gardens of Acropolis and discover a perfect green tea blend. The Italian ice cream-inspired fusion of banana and strawberry combines with a rich tea base and the finest ingredients. Enjoy the essence of a fruitful paradise.


Ingredients: Green tea, banana chips (20%) (banana, sugar, honey, coconut oil), flavouring, strawberry (3%), marigold blossoms (1.5%)

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  • Best time to drink ?

    Transport yourself to a fruitful paradise with this delightful green tea, perfect for leisurely strolls and joyful moments.

  • General information

    Country of origin: Various
    Dosage form: Loose tea in aroma bag
    Caffeine: Caffeinated
    Sweetening: Sugar
    Production: Conventional
    Flavour: Flavoured
    Tea variety: Flavoured green tea

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