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Athena's Wisdom - Smoky Black Tea

Athena's Wisdom - Smoky Black Tea

100 Grams
VAT Included |

Channel the wisdom of Athena with this smoky black tea. Its large, robust leaves and bold, spicy, smoky notes are reminiscent of the goddess's strategic prowess. The tea's exquisite reddish cup color is a testament to Athena's brilliance.

Ingredients: Black tea, smoke

  • Best time to drink ?

    Embrace the wisdom of this smoky black tea during your morning routine to awaken your strategic thinking.

  • General information

    Country of origin: Various
    Dosage form: Loose tea in aroma bag
    Caffeine: Caffeinated
    Sweetening: None
    Sorting: Leaf
    Production: Conventional
    Tea variety: Black tea

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